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Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Not every business conflict requires a litigious approach to be resolved effectively. With extensive Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) experience, Aird & Berlis lawyers are skilled at determining the most appropriate and efficient method to strategically settle even the most contentious and complex matters for their clients.

As recognized leaders in dispute resolution, we have a proven track record of success in mediation, arbitration, negotiation and other settlement techniques.

We are committed to delivering the results that our clients seek through ADR-focused training and experience and exceptional preparation for every case. In addition, we strive to foster trust and develop constructive working relationships with all parties involved, which is key to effective dispute resolution. 

Our knowledge of ADR in a business context allows us to provide strategic and practical advice that clients can trust to avoid disputes, mitigate risks, and comply with increasing and evolving regulation.

With extensive experience appearing before arbitration panels and tribunals, the Aird & Berlis alternative dispute resolution team offers deep insight and comprehensive knowledge into the rules that govern arbitration proceedings.

Our lawyers have arbitrated cases involving:

  • Corporate, commercial and securities law issues
  • Real estate, land tenure, construction, financing, leasing and development disputes
  • Enforcement of contractual rights and creditors' interests
  • Environmental matters
  • The law of fiduciaries; intrusive government regulation and behaviour and commercial torts

Whether representing claimants or respondents, we are focused on streamlining the process and expertly navigating all parties to an outcome that protects their interests and meets their goals.