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The Power Forward Challenge – Natural Resources Canada and the UK Department for Business Energy & Industrial Strategy Reward Innovation By Ron W. Clark and Christian Nianiaris Jun 11, 2019 Natural Resources Canada’s and the UK Department for Business Energy & Industrial Strategy’s Power Forward Challenge is meant to galvanize the path toward a more sustainable future by exploring innovative smart grid technologies. Canadian and U.K. companies are competing to transform our means of...

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Breach of Court Order Leads to Jail Time By Cynthia R. C. Sefton Jun 10, 2019 The British Columbia Court of Appeal has dismissed an appeal from an order of the province’s Supreme Court, in which that court sentenced a number of individuals to 14 days imprisonment each. The individuals who appealed pleaded guilty to violating an injunction order which restrained protestors ...

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Update on Climate Change Litigation By Zoë Thoms and Christian Nianiaris Jun 07, 2019 The decision in Urgenda Foundation v. The State of the Netherlands (2015) set the framework for climate change litigation across the globe. Since our last post about climate change litigation directly following the Urgenda decision, substantial developments have occurred and there have been a lar...

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Warrantless Inspections Under the EPA and Potential Implications For Energy Companies By Dennis M. O'Leary and Christian Nianiaris May 30, 2019 A recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision confirms that only a low threshold must be met for Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change provincial officers to conduct warrantless inspections of private property.