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OEB Takes Steps Towards Implementing “Activity and Program Based Benchmarking” By David Stevens Mar 01, 2019 On February 25, the Ontario Energy Board staff released their Discussion Paper on Activity and Program Based Benchmarking For Electricity Distributors. The stated objective of APB is “to establish a framework to enable the comparison of utility cost performance in specific capital and OM&A activi...

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OEB Staff Recommend Changes to Ontario’s Commercial and Industrial Electricity Rates By David Stevens Feb 25, 2019 On February 21, 2019, the Ontario Energy Board released the Staff Report to the Board on Rate Design for Commercial and Industrial Electricity Customers. The Staff Report is titled “Rates to Support an Evolving Energy Sector” and sets out OEB staff’s recommendations for new rate designs for elect...
Ontario Announces “Made-in-Ontario” Emissions Standards By Zoë Thoms Feb 22, 2019 The Ontario government announced new emission reduction standards as part of its plan to address climate change without imposing a carbon tax. The province developed the Emissions Performance Standards as an alternative to the federal Output-Based Pricing System.

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OEB Issues Additional Code Amendment in its Regional Infrastructure Planning and Cost Allocation Review By David Stevens Feb 19, 2019 On February 14, 2019, the Ontario Energy Board issued a Notice of Amendment to the Distribution System Code confirming the final change arising from the OEB’s Regional Planning and Cost Allocation Review consultation.