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The Federal Court of Appeal Grants Leave to Six Judicial Review Applications That Seek to Quash the Reapproval of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project By David Stevens and Codie Mitchell Sep 11, 2019 The Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project is once again in the hands of the Federal Court of Appeal after the September 4, 2019 decision in Raincoast Conservation Foundation v. Canada (Attorney General).

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Government of Canada Establishes the Canadian Centre for Energy Information By David Stevens Aug 28, 2019 As promised in the 2019 Budget, the federal government is moving forward with the “Canadian Centre for Energy Information.” The Centre is a partnership between Natural Resources Canada and Statistics Canada.
Climate Change Litigation: Actions Against Corporations By Zoë Thoms and Christian Nianiaris Aug 27, 2019 Both public and private actors have brought litigation against corporations involved in the fossil fuel industry seeking redress for costs arising from climate change impacts.

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OEB to Hear Review Motion Regarding Electricity Distributor’s Proposal for New Office By Fred D. Cass Aug 26, 2019 In August 2019, the Ontario Energy Board issued procedural orders with respect to the hearing of a motion for review of its earlier decision on an application made by Energy+ Inc. for approval of an Advanced Capital Module project.