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Ontario Passes Legislation to “Reform” the OEB and Repeats Promise to Reduce Electricity Costs By David Stevens May 13, 2019 On May 9, the Ontario government passed Bill 87, which amends the OEB Act, the Electricity Act and the Fair Hydro Plan Act. Key items included in the new legislation are reforms to the structure of the Ontario Energy Board and changes to the “Fair Hydro Plan.”

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CAMPUT 2019: The Elephant in the Room – the Uncertain Future of Carbon Pricing in Canada By Zoë Thoms May 10, 2019 Carbon emissions and the role of fossil fuel in Canada’s energy future was not the official theme of the 2019 CAMPUT Conference, but these issues came up in a number of panels over the three-day conference. An interesting session on May 7, 2019 looked at carbon pricing, “The elephant in the room ...

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CAMPUT 2019 - Utility “Hardening” for Extreme Weather Events By David Stevens May 07, 2019 The theme of the 2019 CAMPUT Conference is “Managing the Regulatory Range” – addressing how regulators, utilities and consumers can best prepare for the many challenges that face the industry. An interesting session on May 6 looked at the implications of serious weather-related events on utilitie...

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British Columbia Utilities Commission Proceeds With Inquiry Into Regulation of Indigenous Utilities By David Stevens May 02, 2019 In response to direction from the British Columbia government (set out in an Order in Council), the British Columbia Utilities Commission has established an Inquiry Respecting the Regulation of Indigenous Utilities.