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Measurement Canada to Regulate Thermal Energy Meters By David Stevens Apr 17, 2019 Until recently, there have not been any specific requirements for thermal energy meters within the Weights and Measures Act. However, as of July 1, all newly-installed thermal energy meters will have to be approved by Measurement Canada.

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No New Energy Initiatives in 2019 Ontario Budget By David Stevens Apr 12, 2019 On April 11, 2019, the Ontario government introduced its first budget. Notably, the budget does not include any significant new initiatives or measures aimed at energy policy. Instead, the energy-related discussion in the budget repeats previously-issued announcements, and provides some updates. ...

Posted in: Climate Change / Renewables | Nova Scotia | Facilities

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Nova Scotia Revokes Licence for Cape Sharp Tidal and Orders Removal of Turbine By David Stevens Apr 04, 2019 On April 3, the Nova Scotia Department of Energy and Mines announced that it has revoked the marine renewable-electricity licence issued to Cape Sharp Tidal Venture Ltd.

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Ontario Government Consults on Changes to Industrial Electricity Pricing and Programs By David Stevens Apr 02, 2019 On March 28, the Ontario government announced plans to hold consultations to seek input from businesses about industrial electricity pricing and programs. On April 1, the Ontario government published a consultation notice for this process, confirming that it is looking for input on “electricity ...