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Ontario Court of Appeal Restores Challenge to Validity of Global Adjustment Charges By David Stevens Dec 04, 2019 On November 27, the Ontario Court of Appeal released its decision in National Steel Car Limited v. Independent Electricity System Operator, finding that a challenge to the validity of the Global Adjustment charges should proceed to be heard by the Superior Court of Justice on the basis of a full ...

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Ontario Government Directs the IESO to Review Generation Contracts and Large Customer Billing Practices By David Stevens Nov 08, 2019 As indicated in the Ontario government’s 2019 Fall Economic Update, the Ontario Minister of Energy recently issued two Directives to the Independent Electricity System Operator.

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British Columbia Utilities Commission Issues Draft Report Addressing the Regulation of Indigenous Utilities By David Stevens Nov 06, 2019 On November 1, 2019, the British Columbia Utilities Commission issued a Draft Report in its Inquiry Respecting the Regulation of Indigenous Utilities. The Draft Report sets out the commission’s recommendations about the extent to which “Indigenous Utilities” should be regulated in British Columbia.

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Smart Metering Entity Not Permitted to Sell Customer Data to Third Parties at Market Prices By Zoë Thoms Nov 01, 2019 The Ontario Energy Board recently rejected an application by the Independent Electricity System Operator, in its capacity as the provincial Smart Metering Entity, to sell non-personal data about electricity usage to third parties at market prices.