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OEB Announces New Performance Standards For Processing Rate Applications By Zoë Thoms Mar 22, 2019 The OEB is updating its rate application processing performance standards as of April 1, 2019. Current rate application performance standards were established in 2009 and were delineated by hearing type – oral or written. The new performance standards will instead be organized by the size of the ...

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Federal Government Recruiting For New Canadian Energy Regulator Positions By Zoë Thoms Mar 22, 2019 The government is proposing to replace the NEB with the Canadian Energy Regulator in order to “help restore investor confidence, re-build public trust and advance Indigenous reconciliation – all while ensuring good projects go ahead and our energy resources get to markets responsibly.”

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Ontario Government Releases OEB Modernization Report By David Stevens Mar 22, 2019 As we explained in an earlier post, the previous Ontario government appointed an expert panel to conduct a review of the OEB, examine best practices from other jurisdictions and report back about potential changes and improvements. The OEB Modernization Review Panel began its work in early 2018, ...

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Ontario Government Releases Its Plan to Reform the OEB and Reduce Electricity Costs By David Stevens Mar 22, 2019 On March 21, 2019, the Ontario government announced a series of plans aimed at lowering electricity costs for consumers and reforming the structure of the Ontario Energy Board.