Our Expertise


Several members of our Sports, Media & Entertainment Group competed at the national level in various sports. We bring that same level of focus and discipline to providing counsel to athletes and organizations on a broad range of matters involving local, national and international professional sports organizations and high-profile sport and multi-sport events. We have experience dealing with the world’s major sports leagues, including the NHL, NBA, MLS, F1, FIFA and the English Premier League and Champions League. Our roster of clients includes owners of professional sports teams, sports associations and other organizations, executives, professional and amateur athletes and coaches, directors, multi-sport event organizers, funding partners and broadcasters. Our expertise encompasses governance issues under the Canadian and International Olympic Committee frameworks and the Pan American Sports Organization.


Members of our Group are also recognized as industry experts in media law, guiding clients through the regulatory framework governing digital streamers, broadcasters and cable/satellite distributors. We regularly advise clients on complex questions of territorial rights for global sports and entertainment content and the impact of Canada’s communications regulatory framework in the current environment of “over-the-top” streaming video services. We have broad experience working across all forms of communications technology, from traditional media to the current mosaic of digital, internet, social, multimedia and metaverse platforms.


We are uniquely positioned to advise on entertainment law issues. The dynamic evolution of digital distribution networks and platforms poses challenges and opportunities for creators and distributors of media and entertainment content. Our team advises content producers and distributors, including musicians, artists, authors and film and television studios in Canada and internationally.

Intellectual Property

The combined intellectual property team of Aird & McBurney LP and Aird & Berlis LLP brings together patent and trademark agents and lawyers who secure Canadian and worldwide protection and provide enforcement of intellectual property rights. Aird & McBurney and Aird & Berlis work closely to provide a full range of services in IP procurement, litigation, technology transfer and corporate transactions in connection with all forms of IP, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs, trade secrets and domain names.

Privacy & Data Security

The Aird & Berlis Privacy & Data Security Group delivers practical solutions to privacy, data protection and data security issues within a global environment, and advises on how the related laws impact domestic and international commerce. Our lawyers are industry leaders who are often asked to provide guidance and opinions to governments and regulators on new laws and amendments to existing laws to address the rapidly-evolving data privacy and security industry landscape and risks.  

With the rise of cyber threats and attacks, it is becoming increasingly more important to take a proactive approach to safeguarding your organization’s presence in cyberspace. Our lawyers can help you to understand and assess your legal risk and develop strategic and tactical cyber security measures to reduce your vulnerability and protect your organization.

Technology & Communications

The Aird & Berlis Technology and Communications Group is experienced in advising investors, suppliers and operators within the technology and communications industries to ensure that they are up-to-date on evolving Canadian legal issues. Our multidisciplinary group comprises members from the firm’s Communications, Intellectual Property, Privacy and Technology Groups.