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The Coach is in the Corner By Stephen Zolf Nov 12, 2019 The focus of this post is not on the content of Don Cherry’s recent Coach’s Corner rant, but rather on wherein lies editorial responsibility for such comments from the standpoint of media/content regulation.

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Canada’s New Patent Regime: CIPO’s Eleventh Hour Guidance By Erica L. Lowthers, PhD, Kimberly A. McManus, PhD and Kitt Sinden, M.Sc. Oct 15, 2019 On October 30, 2019, the new Canadian Patent Act and Rules will come into force introducing substantive administrative procedural changes. On October 15, 2019, with only 15 days remaining before these changes come into force, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office has released its revisions to...

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Unwrapping File Wrapper Estoppel: Federal Court Considers Admissibility of Prosecution History Under New Section 53.1 By L.E. Trent Horne Oct 09, 2019 A recent decision of the Federal Court in Canmar Foods Ltd. v. TA Foods Ltd. has provided the first interpretation of section 53.1 of the Patent Act, which permits reference to a patent’s prosecution history to assist in claim construction.

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Election 2019: The “Netflix Tax” May Be Hiding in Plain Sight By Stephen Zolf Oct 07, 2019 In our recent post,we surveyed the various proposals in the Liberal Party of Canada 2019 Election Platform. This post does a deeper dive on a specific tax reform proposal in the election platform aimed at the digital sector. Under the weighty heading “New Revenue: Making Taxes More Fair,” the ele...