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The Spotlight features legal and industry commentary on the latest happenings in the media, sports, communications, intellectual property and data security/privacy industries.

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“Privacy is Not an All-or-Nothing Concept”: The Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in R. v. Jarvis By Donald B. Johnston and Brandon Carter Feb 20, 2019 On February 14, 2019, the Supreme Court of Canada released its decision in R. v. Jarvis, a case that centered on determining when and where a person will be criminally liable for observing or recording others, without their knowledge, for sexual gratification.

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Data Breaches – What Will Cost You and What Will Save You Money By Paige Backman Feb 11, 2019 For the last number of years, Ponemon Institute has published reports on data breaches. The latest report, “2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study: Global Overview”, is worth the read. It explores not just the cost in dollars and organization expended (direct and indirect costs), but also which element...

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GDPR - Impact on Canadian Business Obligations, Liability and Contract Terms By Paige Backman Feb 06, 2019 The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect nearly nine months ago on May 25, 2018. The GDPR clearly applies to those located in the EU, but its application is worldwide in that it expressly imposes obligations, liability and contractual terms on businesses ope...

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The Perils of Comparative Advertising – A lesson from Super Bowl 53 By Stephen Zolf, Brandon Carter and Matthew Helfand Feb 05, 2019 This year’s Super Bowl featured several Bud Light commercials, which irreverently poked fun at two of its competitors – Miller Lite and Coors Light. As the commercials allege in no uncertain terms, Miller and Coors brew with corn syrup, while Bud Light does not. What was striking about these comm...