What We Offer

Do you want to raise capital? Gain credibility for your startup? Sell your business one day for a healthy sum? Talk to us; we can help you get the right business structure set up for you, draft contracts properly and get the appropriate legal protections in place from the start to maximize the return on your business.


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We offer a Startup Suites package which is intended to give your business a firmer legal footing. The package includes:

  • Initial Meeting
  • Federal or Ontario incorporation, including:
    • director and shareholder resolutions
    • articles and bylaws
    • subscription agreements and share certificates
    • director, officer and shareholder registers
    • your minute book
  • Access to basic confidentiality, non-disclosure and IP transfer agreements
  • Form of employment or consultant agreement
  • 2 hours of IP consultation
  • 2 hours of corporate law consultation
You will also gain access to our firm’s local, regional, national and international connections in the legal, banking and venture capital communities, as well as agreement precedents.

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