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Conflict happens — particularly in the real estate and commercial leasing space. Our role is to secure a just result for your organization, whether the complaint has been made by or against you. Persuasive, cost-effective and timely advocacy is the key to enforcing your legal rights, and to achieving the best business solutions. The Aird & Berlis Litigation Group provides you with the most leverage possible and employs that leverage to move events to your desired result.

Our litigators work closely with our Real Estate Group and Commercial Leasing Team to understand your unique situation so that we may advocate in an effective manner. We represent clients in all real estate and commercial leasing disputes, including the interpretation of leases, rent arrears and defaults, leasehold improvements and fixtures, breach of lease, subleasing, enforcement, eviction and re-entry, liability for damage to leased property and property insurance for leased commercial property.

Acting in all forms of litigation — mediation and alternate dispute resolution, trials, appeals, arbitration panels and administrative tribunals — our litigators have a wealth of experience in efficiently and aggressively representing clients involved in real estate and commercial leasing disputes. Many of our clients require specialized representation before federal and provincial tribunals, including the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, the Divisional Court, the Federal Court, Federal Court of Appeal, The Ontario Court of Appeal and in arbitration.

Who We Help

We represent both landlords and tenants in real estate and commercial leasing disputes of all types.