Diversity in skill, knowledge and background.

A Message from Steven A. Zakem (Managing Partner, Aird & Berlis LLP)

Diversity and inclusion are engrained in our firm’s culture and values, and are key to our firm’s success. Our lawyers and staff reflect the diverse business communities we serve. We draw on our different backgrounds and varied personal experiences to continually strengthen our firm.  

Many members of our firm commit their time, energy and expertise to support diverse causes and communities. We are very proud of that.

We are also very proud of our Women’s Initiative. At the heart of this initiative are our talented women lawyers. They are leaders within the firm, the legal profession and the community at large. And they are actively mentoring our next generation of female lawyers, helping them define and achieve their own version of success.

We value our membership in legal networks promoting diversity and inclusion, like the Justicia Project and the Law Firm Diversity and Inclusion Network. These networks challenge us to continually examine, refine and revitalize our approach to diversity and inclusion.

Notwithstanding these individual and collective efforts, we should and will be doing more. 

We want to set an example for the legal profession and business community. Andrea Skinner, our Diversity & Inclusion Partner, is working closely with our Diversity & Inclusion Committee, our Executive Committee, our lawyers and staff to develop and advance a broader diversity and inclusion strategy, including (since 2017) a firm-wide mental health strategy. Each year, our firm recognizes, supports and celebrates various events and initiatives that embrace diversity and inclusivity within and outside our firm, including Black History Month, International Women’s Day, Pride and Canada’s National Indigenous Peoples Day.

Through these efforts, we continue to push ourselves to go further, do more and remain purposeful in our approach to diversity and inclusion.    

We are committed to ensuring that all members of the Aird & Berlis community (our clients, lawyers, students and staff) feel valued, respected and supported every day. This is critical to their individual success, and to the success of the firm.

Steven A. Zakem, Managing Partner
Aird & Berlis LLP

For more information on our commitment to diversity and inclusion, please contact Andrea Skinner, our Diversity & Inclusion Partner, at 416-865-3423 or askinner@airdberlis.com.

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