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Conflict happens — within large organizations, small private companies and in the lives of individuals. Our role is to secure a just result for you or your organization, whether the complaint has been made by or against you. Persuasive, cost-effective and timely advocacy is the key to enforcing your legal rights, and to achieving the best business solutions. The Aird & Berlis LLP Litigation & Dispute Resolution Group provides you with the most leverage possible and employs that leverage to move events to your desired result.

Acting in all forms of litigation — mediation and alternate dispute resolution, trials, appeals, arbitration panels and administrative tribunals — our litigators have a wealth of experience in efficiently and aggressively representing clients involved in business disputes of all types. Many of our clients operate in regulated industries and require specialized representation before federal and provincial tribunals, including Investment Canada, the Ontario Energy Board, the Ontario Securities Commission, the Competition Tribunal, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, the Labour Relations Board, the Human Rights Commission, and the Ontario Municipal Board, as well as the Federal Court of Canada, Federal Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada.

Representative Matters

Representative Matters Apr 17, 2017 Mediclean Successful in Tax Court of Canada
Representative Matters Feb 06, 2017 Triple M Successful in Tax Court of Canada
Representative Matters Jan 08, 2015 Vineland Power Inc. Successful in Another Wind Appeal
Representative Matters Oct 23, 2013 A&B Wins in Oppression Case
Representative Matters Oct 17, 2013 A&B Wins at Court of Appeal
Representative Matters Oct 15, 2013 A&B Represents Hecla Mining Company in Takeover
Representative Matters May 15, 2013 A&B Acts In Another Significant Real Estate Acquisition
Representative Matters Apr 29, 2013 A&B Successful in Landmark Court of Appeal Decision

Recent Developments

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