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The Spotlight features legal and industry commentary on the latest happenings in the media, sports, communications, intellectual property and data security/privacy industries.

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What Do You Mean I Don’t Own My Own Logo? A parable for many business owners on how to make sure you actually own the logo you have used for years By Ken Clark and Sarah Newman Nov 19, 2018 The plaintiff in the recent Federal Court case, Milano Pizza Ltd. v. 6034799 Canada Inc., thought that it owned the copyright in the logo it had franchised for years. It thought wrong. While the case appears to be infighting in a franchise system, the copyright aspects of the case are interesting...

Posted in: European Union | Copyright | Intellectual Property

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Will the EU Copyright Directive Break the Internet? By Ken Clark and Monica Carinci Nov 12, 2018 On September 12, 2018, the European Union passed a proposed directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market. Once the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Council of the European Union agree on a final form of the directive, member states will be required to amend their own la...

Posted in: Artificial Intelligence

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More on (Or Moron?) Artificial Intelligence By Donald B. Johnston Nov 09, 2018 I blathered on, in a series of blog articles that no one apparently read, concerning the wonders of artificial intelligence and how it will transform the world we live in, bring in a glorious new day and make us all kings and queens in our own domains, etc., etc. Now I want to make a pitch for so...

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The Power of Sport By Paige Backman Nov 08, 2018 Sport’s power is stunning. Its ability to unite, inspire inclusivity, promote global health and strive for equality and peace beyond political borders can be unparalleled. I’ve been blessed to be a part of global initiatives that bring together world leaders in sport, faith and business to help m...