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Do you want to raise capital? Gain credibility for your startup? Sell your business one day for a healthy sum? Talk to us; we can help you get the right business structure set up for you, draft contracts properly and get the appropriate legal protections in place from the start to maximize the return on your business.

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Will the Arrival of HQ2 Be Good for Startups? By Shannon L. Corregan Oct 20, 2017 The hunt for Amazon’s second headquarters continues to dominate tech sector news. The e-commerce titan is planning to invest more than US$50 billion into the construction and operation of “HQ2”, and the project is anticipated to create approximately 50,000 jobs in the winning No...

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InnovateTO150 Shines Spotlight on the Country’s Best Student-Led Startups By Shannon L. Corregan Oct 12, 2017 InnovateTO150 is celebrating Toronto’s 150th birthday by shining a spotlight on some of the best student-led startups from across Canada. Innovate TO150 is a collaboration between the City of Toronto and OCAD University, Ryerson University, the University of Toronto and York University. Together,...
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Aird & Berlis Supports York University Startups with Annual Award Sep 26, 2017 Aird & Berlis recently announced that it had committed to providing $100,000 worth of support to the next generation of top entrepreneurs coming out of York University’s AccelerateUP program. For each of the next four years, select companies in the AccelerateUP program will compete for ...

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Elevate Toronto Festival Showcases Vibrant and Innovative Tech Community By Shannon L. Corregan Sep 07, 2017 This week Toronto plays host to the Elevate Toronto Festival, a three-day tech festival aimed at showcasing the city’s vibrant and innovative tech community. Elevate Toronto was first announced in July, when leaders from Toronto’s corporate and startup industries joined with Mayor Joh...

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Nov 16 2017
Events Startup Grind Toronto Presents Borrowell CEO: Andrew Graham Nov 16, 2017: 18:30 Andrew Graham is co-founder and CEO of Borrowell, a financial technology company that helps Canadians make great decisions about credit. Borrowell ...
Nov 18 2017
Events 9Billion Lives Impact Jam - Food Waste Nov 18, 2017 - Nov 19, 2017 WHAT'S AN IMPACT JAM? A two-day Innovation Hackathon focused on turning innovation into impact against a specific global challenge.
Nov 21 2017
Events Influence TO Nov 21, 2017 Canada's #1 influencer and entrepreneurship conference
Nov 23 2017
Events Raising Capital Explained for AI Companies Nov 23, 2017: 18:00 - 20:30 A great idea is the first step, but you also need the right tools and strategies to make your business a reality.
Nov 29 2017
Events Startup Grind Toronto Presents Techstars Canada Nov 29, 2017: 18:30 Techstars, the prestigious startup accelerator based in Boulder, Colorado, has launched a program in Toronto in partnership with Montreal-based ven...