Aird & Berlis Signs BlackNorth Initiative Law Firm Pledge


As part of our ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion, Aird & Berlis LLP has signed the BlackNorth Initiative (“BNI”) Law Firm Pledge. The Law Firm Pledge begins with a simple but powerful statement: “It is time for anti-Black systemic racism to end.” As a signatory, we are committing to eight concrete goals, including with respect to internal and external communication, education and training, collaboration, leadership and governance, hiring, financial support and stakeholder engagement. We are proud to be a part of this important initiative and to put our name behind these individual and collective commitments.

The BNI includes senior leaders from public and private sector Canadian companies and organizations who believe that it is the responsibility of the business community to take a meaningful role in leading change with respect to the representation of Black people in corporate Canada and the legal profession. Andrea Skinner, Partner and Chair of the firm’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee, says that the Law Firm Pledge will play a key role in the firm’s broader diversity and inclusion program: “The BlackNorth Initiative Law Firm Pledge is an important expression of the commitment that the firm and the broader legal community have made to ending anti-Black racism and creating opportunities for underrepresented communities. Through this initiative and other partnerships with the Black legal community, we are laying the foundation for a more diverse firm and legal profession.”