- 03:00 PM

Women Professionals & Lawyers Discuss the 'Second Shift' as Family Caregivers

CPD for Lawyers: 1.5 EDI Professionalism Hours, CPD for HRPA and CHRP Members: 1.5 Hours


External Speakers: Paulette Senior - President & Chief Executive Officer - Canadian Women's Foundation , Saba Zia - Senior Legal Counsel Privacy and Cybersecurity - RBC

The term "second shift" alludes to the hours dedicated to family caregiving responsibilities taken on in addition to paid employment. Statistically, these duties are more frequently undertaken by women. The repercussions of this second shift on women's careers, financial stability and overall well-being are particularly difficult for mothers, and overall impact varies significantly based on women's socioeconomic statuses. Striking a balance between caring for family members and pursuing success in a demanding profession affects a multitude of women, including those in fields such as law, banking and various professional services.

We invite you to join our panel of industry professionals for a thoughtful discussion on managing family caregiving while maintaining a robust career. We will also allocate time to delve into the goals and initiatives of the Canadian Women's Foundation, highlighting its advocacy for marginalized women who bear the brunt of the challenges posed by the second shift.

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