TSX Publishes Proposed Amendments to Personal Information Form, Declaration and TSX Listing Application

Hand filling out form with pen

On June 1, 2017, the TSX published proposed amendments (the “Proposed Amendments”) to the TSX Reporting Form 4 Personal Information Form (the “PIF”), the TSX Reporting Form 4B Declaration (the “Declaration”) and the TSX Listing Application (together with the PIF and Declaration, the “Affected Documents”). The Proposed Amendments will permit the use of digital signatures on the Affected Documents, which was previously not permitted, and remove the notarization requirement that currently applies to the each of the Affected Documents. The TSX is holding a 30-day request for comment period in connection with the Proposed Amendments.

The Proposed Amendments are designed to reduce the regulatory burden on TSX issuers by reducing the time and cost of completing the Affected Documents. The TSX has stated that additional objectives of the Proposed Amendments include increasing efficiency, generally, and improving the customer experience by embracing technological advancements and recognizing the increased public acceptance of digital signatures.