Aird & Berlis Tax Lawyers Contribute to Taxation of Crypto Assets Book

With the emergence of crypto assets, taxation authorities worldwide have been faced with developing unprecedented policies and tax lawyers have been compelled to apply existing laws in new ways.

Wolters Kluwer, a leading global publisher, recently released a one-of-a-kind book entitled Taxation of Crypto Assets, which provides a detailed country-by-country analysis of how the tax laws in 39 countries may apply to this rapidly-developing area.

Aird & Berlis tax lawyers Jack Bernstein, Angelo Gentile and Saam Nainifard are among the contributors sharing their knowledge in this book. Jack, a senior tax partner and Chair of the firm’s International Tax practice, is one of the four editors as well as a contributor to the book’s Introduction. Partner Angelo Gentile co-authored the Canada Chapter Report with fellow Tax Group member Saam Nainifard, who also contributed to the book’s Introduction.

The book provides a comprehensive overview of the tax rules regarding crypto assets in key jurisdictions and explains how various aspects of crypto assets are interrelated. It also describes how each jurisdiction applies income and capital gains taxation, value-added tax and sales tax, withholding taxes, transfer taxes, and gift, inheritance, estate and wealth taxes in the context of crypto assets.

Taxation of Crypto Assets is a premier resource for tax lawyers, tax practitioners, government officials, advisors, investors, issuers, users of crypto assets and taxation academics who are seeking informed awareness of the policy choices countries make in dealing with the taxation of this new technology and guidance on how to comply with the tax laws of multiple jurisdictions.