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The Escalation of Elder Abuse During COVID-19: Practical Strategies for Protecting Yourself and Loved Ones

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External Speakers:
Laura Tamblyn Watts - CEO, CanAge - Canada’s National Seniors’ Advocacy Organization
Raeann Rideout - Director, Provincial Partnerships & Outreach - Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario



The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on people around the world. We have seen an increase in global unemployment for people of all ages. The unemployed have, in some cases, turned to family members and loved ones seeking financial support. In addition, we have seen an uptick in social isolation, especially for older adults. The confluence of circumstances has almost certainly led to increased elder abuse and financial exploitation. It is difficult in the best of times to identify and address elder abuse. The pandemic has made it all the more challenging.

Through the use of typical case scenarios, our panel of experts will discuss the challenge of identifying and addressing elder abuse in our community against the backdrop of the worldwide pandemic.

Topics include:

What does elder abuse look like and what are the warning signs?

How has the pandemic changed the way we identify and address elder abuse?

What practical steps can we take to reduce the risk of elder abuse of our neighbours, friends and family?

What can we do to reduce the risk that we, ourselves, will fall victim to elder abuse?

Where to access support and services if you or someone you know falls victim to elder abuse

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