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Psychedelics: A Complex and Changing Regulatory Landscape Focused on Scientific Research and IP Protection

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The psychedelics industry has witnessed an explosion of new companies and new ideas over the past few years. In addition to the increased number of section 56 exemptions that have been granted, Health Canada’s highly anticipated amendments to the Special Access Program (“SAP”) now permit physicians to request access to psychedelics for eligible patients in limited circumstances. With a growing body of research, incremental liberalization of regulatory policies and governmental actions, and a grassroots change to the legal status of these substances, public opinion appears to be shifting in favour of access to psychedelics for medical purposes.

Despite the progress towards increasing access to psychedelics for certain eligible patients, it is important to note that psychedelics and activities related to it remain heavily regulated and are likely to remain that way. What options are available for market participants pursuing opportunities in the psychedelics industry? How have changes to the regulatory landscape affected those opportunities and what does the future hold? What are some of the common complexities surrounding research, intellectual property protection and psychedelics? How can lawyers, intellectual property experts and researchers work in unison to secure patent rights?

Join our panel of industry experts for a complimentary webinar to learn about recent scientific research on psychedelic medicine, updates to the shifting regulatory landscape, and how to navigate the complex world of psychedelics regulation and patent protection today and in the future.

Topics Include:

  • Updates to the evolving regulatory landscape
  • Cutting-edge areas of scientific research
  • Requirements for obtaining patent protection and some jurisdictional differences
  • Patent infringement and avoidance

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