- 11:45 AM

LGBTQ2+ People in the Legal Workforce & Beyond: Employment, Environment & Industry

CPD for Lawyers: 1.25 Substantive Hours, CPD for HRPA and CHRP Members: 1.25 Hours


External Speakers: Erfan Bhuyian (he/him)Chair, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Community - Ontario Bar AssociationJane Griffith (she/her) -  Managing Partner and Founder at Griffith Group Executive Search and Executive Director - LGBTQ+ Corporate Directors Canada Lisa Trudel (she/her) - LGBTQ2+ Career Specialist - Achēv

For many sexual minorities and gender diverse people, coming out (i.e., disclosing an otherwise unknown identity) can be a critical component of personal development. This is also true when LGBTQ2+ people enter the workforce, as workplaces fostering an inclusive and supportive environment contribute to greater job satisfaction and personal fulfillment. Attracting, retaining and developing diverse professionals benefits all organizations seeking the best talent. This is particularly significant in sectors such as law, where equality, justice and human rights are upheld.

Join us for a panel discussion in recognition of Pride Month, where employment experts will discuss strategies employers can use to create inclusive workplaces for LGBTQ2+ professionals and lawyers. Our esteemed panellists will provide insight into workplace policies, recruitment practices, diversity among LGBTQ2+ professionals, expectations of the incoming generation, and more.

Topics include:

  • Prohibited grounds for workplace discrimination in Ontario and across Canada
  • Employment benefits through the lens of LGBTQ2+ employees
  • Workplace culture and resources (internal training programs, affinity groups, use of pronouns, facilities considerations)
  • Canada as a safe place for LGBTQ2+ employers and employees (international threats to the global LGBTQ2+ community)
  • Attraction, retention and development of LGBTQ2+ people in the workplace
  • Information regarding the Ontario Bar Association’s Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Community

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