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Summer Recruitment

Aird & Berlis participates in two separate recruitment rounds for summer students: one for second year summer students, and one for first year summer students. Each of these recruitment rounds is subject to Law Society of Ontario recruitment procedures, which prescribe specific application deadlines, timing for interviews and job offers, and various guidelines for employers and students to follow. Visit the Law Society of Ontario’s website for more information.

The recruitment processes for first year positions and second year positions have many features in common, with one key difference. The recruitment process for second year positions includes on-campus interviews (“OCIs”), which take place in September or October, depending on the law school, and in-firm interviews, which take place in early November. There are no OCIs in the first year recruitment process, but there are in-firm interviews, which take place in late February.  

If you are interested in applying for a first year or second year summer position at Aird & Berlis, please apply via viDesktop’s online application portal (your school's Career Development Office can provide details).

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