Lexie Misterski

Summer Student

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Lexie recently completed her second year at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law. She has a Bachelor of Arts (Media Information and Technoculture) from Western University. During her undergraduate degree, Lexie was involved in the campus community as an orientation leader, student council member and on-camera reporter for Western TV. Lexie continued her community involvement at the University of Ottawa, serving as Communications Chair for the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers and as a Peer Mentor. She is currently the president of Elephant in the Room, an organization dedicated to reducing stigma surrounding mental health in the legal field. Last summer, Lexie worked at the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic, where she researched various emerging issues in copyright law. She also completed a Summer Fellowship at the Law Commission of Ontario, where she contributed to a project regarding consumer protection in the digital marketplace. Her research focused on  “FemTech”, particularly on the lack of legal protections for reproductive health data. In her spare time, Lexie enjoys skiing, hiking, travelling and getting swept up in a good book. 

Selected Publications

Co-author, "Direction From the Court on the Role of Expert Witnesses in Patent Cases," Aird & Berlis Intellectual Property Flash, July 11, 2023.