Haylee Le

Law Clerk

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Haylee is a law clerk in the firm’s Corporate/Commercial Group. She has experience in preparing and filing articles of incorporations, amendments, dissolutions, revivals, continuances and amalgamations of corporations under Ontario and federal law. She conducts complex minute book reviews for Ontario and federal corporations as well as corporations in other jurisdictions across Canada. She performs and reviews due diligence searches, annual maintenance, business name registrations, renewals, extra-provincial registration and limited partnership filings. In addition, Haylee also assists with asset and share purchase and sale transactions (including professional corporations), mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations of corporate entities and the ongoing maintenance of the firm’s corporate database system.

Professional Involvement


  • Federal Conservative Party Leadership Campaign
  • Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA 62nd Council Meeting)
  • International Red Cross and Red Crescent (ICRC)


  • Law Clerk Diploma, Herzing College (Honours)
  • Intercultural Communication for Global Business, (Cambridge Advance Online)
  • Harvard Business School (Credential of Readiness – CORe)
  • Bachelor of Tourism Management, Hanoi University, Vietnam