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The Science of Psychedelics: How Law & Science Support the Sector

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External Speakers:

Evan Levine - Co-Founder, CEO and Director, PsyBio Therapeutics
Darryl Hudson, PhD - Chief Science Officer, Sansero Life Sciences Inc.



U.S. and Canadian laws have opened the door for scientists to explore alternative drugs such as ketamine, MDMA, LSD and psilocybin (i.e. magic mushrooms) as potential mental health treatments. Recent research has shown that these substances can have a multitude of positive effects on individuals suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, anxiety, addiction and chronic pain. While the science behind these findings is still evolving, scientists agree that a thin sheet of neurons within the brain's neocortex, called the claustrum, is receptive to psychedelic treatments. This part of the brain helps control subjective awareness, identity and the ego. Research patients report that certain psychedelics provide a sense of connectedness and focus after treatments, which can be beneficial for mental health.

As organizations, academic institutions, and corporations continue exploring these new alternative treatments, many are wondering where the future of this research is headed. What have studies on psychedelic medicine show us to date? How do lawyers, intellectual property experts and scientists work in unison on the legal aspects of this kind of research? How can researchers, capital markets participants and the community as a whole benefit from this field of study?

Join our panel of leading lawyers and psychedelic industry experts, as they provide insight on how science and law are working together to bring new mental health treatments to market.

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