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The Family Cottage: Ownership and Succession from a Legal Perspective

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External Speaker:
Barbara Benoliel - President and Professional Mediator, Preferred Solutions Inc.


The family cottage is often recognized as a place of rest and relaxation, and cottage country has seen a surge in sales as people seek a change of scenery amid the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there are many complex legal factors that must be considered in terms of ownership. Is the cottage a shared property with multiple owners? Is it used as a rental property? What are the tax issues involved? How should assets from the estate be divided upon the owner's death?

Join our panel of experts as they provide high-level insight on legal considerations for the family cottage.

Topics include:

Navigating taxes and the family cottage

Cottage sharing among siblings and family members

Structuring ownership on death and the division of assets

Cottages as revenue generating vacation properties

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