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Tech Strikes Back

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External Speakers:
James Black - Canadian Securities Exchange, Vice President, Listings Development
Richard Carleton - CEO, Canadian Securities Exchange
Danielle Goldfarb - Head of Global Research, RIWI Corp.
Dr. Rahul Kushwah BSc. (Honours) Ph.D.- Co-founder and COO of PredictMedix (CSE:PMED
John Muffolini - National Leader, Technology, Media & Telecom, MNP


In a time of constant change, the need for enabling technologies is paramount. While the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to its direct impact on life and health, has created massive social and economic disruption, tech businesses have been given a unique opportunity to help us adapt to a new normal. Join us during our next Virtual Industry Update to gain insights on how innovative technologies, particularly AI, are demonstrating their value unlike any other time in history, and learn more about trends that are accelerating the way our society adopts change.

Topics include:

  • Growth of the tech sector in Canada
  • Government support for tech companies in Canada
  • Access to capital for tech companies
  • Leveraging tech to enable change
  • AI and its advancements in healthcare, fintech, and AR/VR
  • What does the future hold for tech businesses?
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