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Send in the Business Valuators! When Market Value is Not Enough, Who Are You Going to Call?

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When a property that contains a business is expropriated, in whole or in part, compensation issues extend far beyond the market value of the lands taken. Even where no land is expropriated, but an expropriating authority’s project interferes with the operation of a nearby business (e.g. interference with a commercial plaza’s access or visibility), business losses may be incurred as a result of the project. These losses can be both significant and unexpected by the authority when first planning a project. 

What steps should a potential claimant, such as a business owner or operator, take to document, quantify and present their economic losses associated with an expropriating authority’s project? Likewise, what can an expropriating authority do to avoid or minimize business loss claims, and to protect the authority from unfounded claims?

This is where a business valuator comes in. Join our panel of experts as they discuss the role of business valuators, the strategy of business loss claims, and what you – as a claimant, authority or their representative – can do to best advance your interests.

Topics include:

What is ‘business loss’ and how is it not limited in the way s.19 of the Expropriations Act might suggest?

How is ‘business loss’ and the ‘good will’ of a business determined under the Expropriations Act?

What is the role of a business valuator and how do they fit in with the other experts?

When should a business loss be claimed?

What is mitigation and how does it relate to business losses?

What documentation should a claimant gather and preserve?

Are there steps that an authority can take to avoid or minimize a claim for business loss?

Can a loss of potential profit be claimed?

What happens if the business shuts down, relocates, is sold or goes bankrupt?

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External Speakers: 

Paul Colangelo - Chartered Business Valuator, Colangelo Greenhow Inc. 
Glenn Tautrims - Chartered Business Valuator, Hallinan Tautrims Inc.

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