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Privacy and Social Media in the Workplace: From Recruitment to Off-Duty Conduct

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Between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok, social media is a daily habit for many people. Employers have taken notice and are increasingly using social media platforms to recruit, screen and hire employees. From a legal perspective, employers need to consider the privacy and human rights implications of relying on social media in the recruitment process.

Employers also need to put in place meaningful social media policies for employees. After numerous news stories about discipline or termination for off-duty social media use, employees are increasingly aware of the consequences their social media conduct can have in the workplace. How can employers create clear policies to educate and inform employees? What labour and employment law issues should employers be aware of concerning data, privacy and human rights?

Join the Aird & Berlis Workplace Law Group as they provide insight on privacy issues and best practices for social media in the workplace, as well as recent case updates.

Topics Include:

  • Social Media as a Recruitment Tool
    • Managing social media information
    • Legal concerns with respect to use from both a privacy and a human rights perspective
  • Off-Duty Conduct and Employee Discipline
    • Employee off-duty conduct and reputational risk - Where do employers draw the line?
    • Social media in the workplace: From policies to postings
  • Privacy Update: Recent Cases
  • Best Practices 

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