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Privacy and Data Breach Response: Managing the Process, Notifications and Mitigating Damages

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External Speakers:
Sandy Boucher - Principal, Forensics Advisory - Grant Thornton LLP
Chris Cameron - Account Executive - The Magnes Group


As the number of privacy and data breaches continue to increase in our tech-based world, it is more important than ever for your organization to have a comprehensive response plan in place should you be targeted. If your organization falls victim to a data breach, it is essential to limit the impact on your workplace, your clients and your reputation. Learning to identify, mitigate, contain and manage the damage can exponentially save you from the fallout of a data breach. Knowing your legal and regulatory responsibilities should a data breach occur is paramount for your organization’s recovery.

Join us for a panel discussion to gain insight on some best practices for responding to a data breach. Privacy, data security and legal experts Sandy Boucher, Chris Cameron, Paige Backman and Donald Johnston will advise on how to mitigate damages in various breach scenarios and an organization’s responsibilities when notifying those who have been impacted.

Topics include:

You’ve been breached, now what? IT forensics, insurers and lawyers, oh my!

Trends in IT breaches and what that means for responding

How to work with insurers

Trends in cyber and privacy breach insurance

Role of solicitor client privilege

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