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Privacy and Data Breach Prevention: Safeguarding Your Business

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Claudiu Popa - CEO, Informatica Security


As more people work from home during the pandemic, privacy and data breaches are on the rise. The prevalence and sophistication of these security threats continue to escalate, making it more important than ever to understand your risks and develop strategic measures to protect your organization. Privacy and data breaches happen in many forms, impact organizations of all sizes and require legal review and guidance.

Join our esteemed panel of privacy and data security experts for a two-part webinar series discussing best practices to prevent and respond to privacy and data breaches. In Part 1, learn how to protect your business and data and how to minimize the risk of financial loss and reputational damage.

Don't miss Part 2 of this webinar series taking place on Wednesday, May 12. Learn what measures you should take to effectively manage a data breach and how to mitigate damages in response to the incident. To register for Part 2, click here

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