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Post-Pandemic Financial Considerations: Reopening vs. Closing the Business

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External Speaker:
Brett House - Vice-President and Deputy Chief Economist, Scotiabank


Many businesses are continuing to endure financial distress as the curve of today’s crisis moves into the recovery stages. Various government subsidies and other emergency cash flow solutions have helped to keep businesses with plummeting revenue operational over the past several months. As the opportunity for businesses to reopen continues being rolled out, many are now looking at their financial situations and must ask themselves, what should my reopening plan look like?

Join our panel of finance and restructuring experts as they provide high-level insight on how business owners can weigh their options during the reopening stages of the crisis. Take away information on developing a reopening plan and whether a formal restructuring may be the right path.

Topics include:

Developing your reopening plan

Relief elements in an insolvency proceeding

Real estate and leasing matters

Commentary from a leading economist

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