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Occupational Health & Safety: Lessons Learned From the Pandemic

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For employers, liability related to occupational health and safety for their employees has always been of critical concern. For key industries with more safety risks on the job, this concern is even more critical. Now that the COVID-19 virus is an unpredictable risk to employees in all workplaces, what are the responsibilities of employers to maintain health and safety regulations? In higher-risk workplaces, is there increased employer liability? Also, who regulates these health and safety standards and should workplaces with traditionally lower safety risks now expect visits from inspectors? What have we learned from the pandemic and how can employers create safer workplaces for their people?

Join our esteemed legal experts as they guide you through the new norms of health and safety protocol for workplaces. Learn about standards and expectations to apply to workplace guidelines and what to do if liability issues arise.

Topics include:

  • Due diligence – risk assessments, workplace safety plans and how the pandemic forced due diligence to evolve
  • Has COVID-19 upped the ante for criminal investigations related to workplace safety?
  • Striking the balance: Accommodation during the pandemic and how to address legitimate and protected rights versus personal employee preference
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