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Go Beyond Mental Health Resources: Strategies to Drive Employee Well-Being and Performance

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External Speakers:
Dr. Shelbie Sutherland - Behavioural Scientist, BEworks
Dhushan Thevarajah - Chief Operating Officer, BEworks


Many managers and business owners recognize that the global pandemic has had a profound impact on the lives of their employees. This unprecedented time has no known rule book and companies are finding themselves navigating difficult conversations and decisions that need to delicately balance both legal and social lines. The psychological response to this unpredictable climate can negatively impact employee morale and affect overall performance and well-being. In this webinar, we discuss how employers can go beyond simply providing mental health resources by adopting strategies to improve their conversations, communications and policies, using the latest science of human behaviour to better serve their employees.

Join BEworks behavioural scientists, Shelbie Sutherland and Dhushan Thevarajah, and Aird & Berlis partners, Barbra Miller and Reena Kotecha, as they unravel the psychological and behavioural repercussions of the pandemic on our workplaces and provide insight on specific strategies to drive employee performance and well-being.

Topics include:

  • Ways employers can positively impact the post-pandemic psychology of employees
  • How positive employee well-being can enhance performance and productivity
  • Employer’s accommodation requirements related to mental health in the workplace
  • Effectively addressing employee performance issues in the post-pandemic workplace

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