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Discussion on the Metaverse: Part 2

CPD for Lawyers: 1 Substantive Hour


External Speaker: Corey Kovnats, VP of Web3 Technology, dapphaus

The metaverse has the potential to transform the internet and following in its path will be a major challenge to data security and privacy. The metaverse is a sizeable database of personal and private data, ranging from behaviour and daily habits to biometric data for verification methods, making it much more interesting to data thieves. In addition, legislation and upcoming regulations are set to have broad implications for both creators and users encompassing AI, media regulation, intellectual property, and more.

How will the metaverse affect cash and what does the future of payments look like? What role will NFTs play within the metaverse? What are the security threats and cyber concerns associated with the metaverse? How will the metaverse impact real estate and other "real world" assets? Join our panel of industry experts for an engaging discussion about the metaverse and gain insight into possible legal implications.

Topics Include:

  • Privacy, information security and cybersecurity concerns in the metaverse
  • Potential for commerce and payment systems
  • Role of NFTs in virtual marketplaces, real estate, online art, and more

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