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Black Tech Innovators: Finding Success Within the Industry

CPD Information: 1 Hour of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) for Lawyers

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External Speakers: 
Marlon Hylton - CEO, Innov-8
Arsene Toumani - Co-Founder & CTO, TelosTouch
Chevonae Walcott - Investment Analyst, Relay Ventures


Toronto’s technology sector is thriving and is now ranked third among North America’s top technology markets. 

Within this booming market, Black professionals and entrepreneurs are making an impact. While representation of the Black community is still progressing, there is a larger percentage of Black employees, founders and leaders in the tech sector than ever before. 

In recognition of Black History Month, we are proud to showcase and acknowledge the achievements of some of the city’s leading tech innovators. These leaders will discuss their businesses, provide insight on the advantages and challenges of working in one of the world’s most multicultural cities, and offer tips for legal and other professionals on how to promote equality in their professions and serve diverse communities effectively.

Topics Include:

  • Assessing the current and future direction of Toronto's tech sector

  • Strategies to foster an inclusive community

  • Advantages and challenges of being a Black professional within Toronto's tech sector

  • Tips to break into the tech industry    

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