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An Employer’s Guide for Addressing Racial Discrimination in the Workplace

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July 9 An Employer’s Guide to Addressing Racial Discrimination in the Workplace Webinar Archive 876x254

External Speakers:
Esi Codjoe - Lawyer, Turnpenney Milne LLP
Nadine Spencer - President, Black Business and Professional Association


Recent events in the United States and Canada have once again shone a light on race-related issues. The global reaction to these events continues to escalate. In response, workplaces are looking for clarity on how race-related discrimination impacts both employers and their staff.

Numerous reports reinforce that racialized Canadians are discriminated against in their day-to-day lives, including while at work. Human rights legislation protects Canadians from discrimination and is enforceable by law. How must employers uphold this law and foster an environment free of harassment and discrimination? What are some recent racial discrimination in the workplace cases, and how have these cases impacted employers? With ever-increasing focus on racial discrimination in the media and online, what should businesses consider to ensure that their reputation reflects the expectations of today? How can your business attract racially diverse talent and clients? How can employers communicate with their teams to address racial diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

Please join our panel of esteemed speakers as they provide you with an employer’s guide to addressing racial discrimination in workplace.

Topics include:

  • Creating an inclusive talent pipeline    
  • Read the room: The language and look of inclusion
  • Recognizing racial discrimination issues in a workplace before a claim is made
  • Cases regarding racial discrimination in the workplace
  • Social media and off-duty conduct

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