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Addressing Indigenous Consent for Infrastructure and Development Projects

CPD for Lawyers: 1 Substantive Hour

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External Speakers: 

Darwin Hanna - Founding Partner, Callison & Hanna
Carol Anne Hilton - CEO & Founder, Indigenomics Institute and the Global Centre of Indigenomics

When working with Indigenous Nations on infrastructure and development projects, it’s critical to consider the perspective of the rights holder and understand specific ways each nation manages the land and potential risks. A change in mindset is often necessary in order to approach the development from a sustainable and holistic perspective.

Indigenous Nations in Canada have Aboriginal and treaty rights that are protected under Section 35 of the CanadianConstitution Act, 1982. The Act protects Aboriginal title to significant areas of land, Aboriginal rights to use the land for traditional purposes, as well as in a modern context, and rights granted under historical and modern treaties.

In recognition of National Indigenous Peoples Day, join us for a panel discussion about Indigenous land rights in Canada. Learn how and why Indigenous Nations protect their traditional lands and gain insight into how to effectively work with multiple Indigenous Nations with differing views on development. This webinar is for those who are interested or involved in infrastructure and development projects intersecting with Indigenous title and rights, including mining, pipelines, transmission lines and renewable energy generation. 

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