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Nov 5, 2020: 15:00 - 16:00

Understanding Today’s Vulnerable Businesses: Financial Integrity Pre- & Post-COVID-19

CPD Information: 1 Substantive Hour for Lawyers

Jeremy Nemers and Sam Babe

External Speaker:
Daniel Wootton - Senior Vice President, Grant Thornton Limited


As the economic harm from COVID-19 continues to impact many industries, which businesses are proving to be the most vulnerable and why? As suffering businesses face financial hardship due to forced closures and lost sales, how might they seek additional leniency from lenders and the courts? How might a business's financial records and overall financial integrity impact the assessment of stakeholders like banks, other lenders and the courts? If a business is facing insolvency, what best practices should be considered by the applicable parties?

Join our panel of financial experts as they share their experience working with vulnerable businesses in a COVID-19 world. Learn some lessons from the insolvency trenches and take away insight on how a business’s financial health and overall integrity influence the decisions of lenders and the courts.

Topics include:

Best practices for safeguarding a business’ financial health and overall integrity

What lenders and the courts are looking at when assessing a business from a financial perspective and otherwise

How to plan for a formal insolvency filing

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