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Nov 29, 2018: 09:00 - 10:00

Practical Issues in Expropriation Following a Change in Ownership

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David P. Neligan and Christopher J. Williams Once a plan of expropriation is registered, the legal title is transferred to the expropriating authority, but the owner may remain in possession of the property for some time. What happens between a change in ownership and before a change in possession can lead to various complications for key stakeholders. Join our panel of experts as they discuss the roles and responsibilities of owners, tenants, mortgagees, mortgagors and expropriating authorities during this period of transition.

Topics include:
  • How does a change in ownership affect mortgagees and mortgagors?
  • Following the transfer of a legal title, what happens to tenant leases?
  • What role do tenants have? Should they still pay rent, and, if so, to whom?
  • Which party is liable for insurance and property taxes?
  • Who is responsible for property maintenance and security?
  • Can an ‘owner’ vacate the property after the Plan is registered, but before the formal possession date? What then?


Sandy Grigg - Negotiator/Project Management Consultant
Tim Park - Acting Director, Real Estate Services Division, City of Toronto


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