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Oct 7, 2020: 15:00 - 16:30

Mental Health in the Workplace: The Impact of COVID-19

CPD Information: 1.5 Professionalism Hours for Lawyers, 1.5 Hours for CHRP and HRPA Members

Lorenzo Lisi and Andrea Skinner

External Speaker:
Dr. Thomas Ungar - Psychiatrist-in-Chief, St. Michael's Hospital


As we know, the impact of COVID-19 extends far beyond the direct effects of the virus itself. The need to social distance has isolated people for months, taking us out of our routines and away from our regular lives. The possibility of financial stress, along with increased anxiety from the health impact of the virus, has created unprecedented mental health challenges for individuals, their families and society as a whole. All of these factors are relevant to employers, who are responsible for not only providing a safe workplace, but accommodating employees when these potential mental health issues arise. How does an employer address mental health issues while trying to ensure a productive and efficient workplace?

Join Dr. Thomas Ungar, Psychiatrist-in-Chief at St. Michael's Hospital, and Lorenzo Lisi, Workplace Law Group Leader at Aird & Berlis, as they review and discuss mental health from a medical and legal perspective. Gain insight on how to address these issues personally and professionally.

Topics include:

Addressing the stigma of mental illness and substance use

Dealing with accommodation requirements related to mental health

Redeploying resources, what to consider an essential service and how to ensure the best ethical judgment is used during COVID-19

Educating and sharing information using media and digital platforms

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