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Labour and Employment Law: Legal Updates for Canadian Employers

CPD for Lawyers: 1 Substantive Hour, CPD for HRPA and CHRP Members: 1 Hour


There have been several updates to Canadian labour and employment law in 2024. These changes reflect a trend towards enhancing transparency and fairness within the workplace. The amendments encompass a variety of areas, including but not limited to, pay transparency, modern slavery legislation, temporary help agency regulations and anti-competitive practices such as wage-fixing and no-poaching agreements. In addition, a series of recent court decisions have changed the legal landscape on termination clauses in employment agreements.

It is imperative for Canadian employers to stay abreast of these legal developments. Understanding and implementing these updates will not only ensure legal compliance, but will also contribute to building a more transparent, fair and competitive business environment.

Join members of the Aird & Berlis Workplace Law Group as they delve into the legislative changes and case law developments that are reshaping the landscape of labour and employment law in Canada.

Topics include:

  • Legislative Updates:
    • New Ontario pay transparency requirements
    • Federal modern slavery legislation
    • Temporary help agency and recruiter licensing requirements in Ontario
    • Recent federal legislation on wage-fixing and no-poaching agreements
  • Wrongful Dismissal Case Law in Ontario: It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
  • Absences From the Workplace: Recognizing the difference between culpable and non-culpable absenteeism
  • Frustration of Contract: When a contract of employment is truly frustrated and what to do when it is

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