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Jan 24, 2018: 09:00 - 10:00

End of Life Decision Making

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Melanie A. Yach

Advance planning for end of life care is a critically important aspect of an effective estate plan. As difficult as addressing the issue might be, a proper end-of-life plan will reduce the stress experienced by your family members, help avoid the costs associated with expensive court applications to appoint substitute decision makers, and ensure that your intentions and beliefs regarding your personal care (including your medical care) at the end of your life are given effect.

In this webinar, our panel of experts discussed the importance of making end-of-life decisions in advance and offer practical tips for tackling the issue.

Topics include:

  • How medical and other decisions are made at end of life
  • The importance of addressing substitute decision making while you are capable
  • The limits of advanced care directives and the concept of living wills
  • The role of your substitute decision maker in the event you lack capacity at the end of your life 


External Speakers:

Dr. Jeff Myers - Palliative Medicine Physician
Judith Wahl - Past Executive Director, Advocacy Centre for the Elderly

Areas of Expertise

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