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Discussion on the Metaverse Part 3: Employment and Labour Law

CPD for Lawyers: 1 Substantive Hour. CPD for HRPA and CHRP Members: 1 Hour


The COVID-19 pandemic opened up the possibility of working from home, but will the metaverse enable employees, perhaps inevitably, to work from anywhere? Online casinos on Decentraland already hire people from across borders – through their avatars – to be casino attendants and managers who are paid in cryptocurrency or digital tokens. We know of companies that have begun livestreaming their annual general meetings in the metaverse. But with possibilities come challenges – there have been reports of sexual harassment of avatars and anti-social behaviour like bullying and racism within metaverse platforms, all of which have existed previously on the internet, but which manifest in unprecedented ways in Web 3.0.

If Gartner’s prediction that, by 2026, 30 per cent of organizations around the world will provide products and services in the metaverse is accurate, then employing and being employed in an immersive, 3D environment will raise novel questions in employment and labour laws. In the third webinar of our Metaverse series, our panel will discuss the challenges and opportunities of the workplace in the metaverse.

Topics Include:

  • Continuing to expand the definition of “workplace”: employer and employee rights and liabilities
  • One size may not fit all and challenges with current employment legislation:
    • Minimum wage and compensation
    • Occupational health and safety 
    • Workplace harassment 
    • Collective bargaining and unionization 
  • Tips and best practices

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