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We are focused on supporting emerging and established technology companies, businesses that have technology opportunities and organizations that use technology to make money. The Aird & Berlis LLP Technology Team works with a broad range of clients, from start-up companies to well-established industry leaders. Big or small, our clients appreciate that our services are tailored to suit their specific needs. We assist clients by providing solutions to most effectively achieve their business goals through the development, exploitation, protection or harnessing of technology.

Specialized Expertise

Technology outsourcing and procurement

  • Technology development agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Technology purchasing and/or licensing agreements
  • Technology service, support and maintenance agreements
  • Technology supply and distribution agreements
  • Web hosting agreements
  • Telecom agreements
  • Strategic partnership agreements
  • Consulting agreements
  • Escrow arrangements

Internet strategy

  • Site and content development matters
  • Site content issues (infringement, libel, slander, misrepresentation, Competition Act)
  • Links
  • Legal notices/disclaimers
  • Language laws compliance
  • Domain name protection (including proactive protective registrations)
  • Moral rights, meta tags, business method patents
  • Foreign jurisdiction issues

Privacy and information management

  • Information management policy design
  • Information gathering and database storage, use and access
  • Privacy and personal information regulatory compliance
  • Contract compliance
  • Privacy methodologies

Employee-related matters

  • Policies regarding internal and external e-mail communications
  • Policies regarding web access/usage
  • Proprietary rights agreements
  • Employee surveillance policies
  • Security policies and procedure
    • Password policies
    • Encryption use
    • Data back-up procedures
    • Disaster recovery arrangements
    • Escrow services arrangements
    • Anti-virus capabilities
  • Employee training
  • Termination of employment
  • Transformation workflow

Representative Matters

Representative Matters Jun 10, 2014 Mr. X Inc. Sold to Technicolor
Representative Matters Aug 07, 2008 A&B Represents Milton Hydro Telecom Inc. in Asset Sale
Representative Matters Jul 11, 2007 A&B Helps Bring New Ethanol Plant to Ontario

Recent Developments

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