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Jan 14, 2020

Upcoming Pitch Competition Recognizes Top Startup Ventures

On January 16, the top three startups from the 2019 LaunchYU Accelerator program will present their final pitches in competition for our annual StartupSource Market Entry Award. Aird & Berlis is proud to present this award for the third year in a row and showcase our commitment to the ongoing support of entrepreneurs and innovative startup ventures.

The StartupSource Market Entry Award is available to top entrepreneurs emerging from York University’s LaunchYU AccelerateUP program, which you can learn more about in a previous post. AccelerateUP is an intensive 20-week training program run by Innovation York, during which students develop the key skills and literacy needed to succeed in the startup world.

The top three startups from 2019 include AYD Cares, Biosa Technologies and SUKU Vitamins, all of which have been leading enterprises in their respective industries. The winner of this highly-anticipated event will receive a $12,500 cash prize and an equal amount of ongoing legal support from Aird & Berlis Partner Randy Williamson. Following the pitch presentations and announcement of this year’s winner, there will also be a special Las Vegas-themed celebration. To sign up for the pitch presentations and after party, click here.

Applications are now open for York University’s summer accelerator program, which will begin in May 2020. This four-month program will guide entrepreneurs as they develop and launch their startup initiatives. Only the top 20 ventures will be accepted to the AccelerateUP program, and participants will have access to workshops, one-on-one mentorships and the opportunity to compete for awards. For more information on York University’s LaunchYU AccelerateUP program or to apply, click here.

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