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Aug 26, 2015

A Sellers' Market: Canadian Startups Vie to Hire/Keep Talent in the Face of U.S. Competition

When the demand for tech talent outpaces the available supply, it really is a "sellers' market." This is good news for those already in the tech sector or those interested in entering the startup market with specialized skills to offer.

recent Globe and Mail article examined the growing competition between large U.S. tech giants, such as Google, and small Canadian startups, in hiring and retaining tech talent. With Canada's startup market continuing to show strong signs of growth, the competition will continue to get stiffer.

Noted differences between working north or south of the 49th parallel in the tech industry include: salaries, growth potential, work-life-balance, career flexibility, proximity to friends and family, and diversity of work opportunities.

From a legal perspective, it is important to remember that employment offers and contracts are negotiable, and it may be prudent to chat with a legal representative to ensure your interests are best represented. As the old saying goes, sometimes you won't find out if you don't ask. The only thing we would add is that good legal representation can help you know the right questions to ask.

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