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Posted in: Ontario | Climate Change / Renewables

May 9, 2018

Rules Change to Make it Easier for Condo Residents to Charge Electric Vehicles

By Zoë Thoms

Condo residents and condo boards now face fewer obstacles when looking to install an EV charger. Amendments to the Condominium Act regulations will prevent a condo board from rejecting an owner’s application to install an EV charger so long as the owner meets certain conditions, including that the proposed installation:

  • Is not contrary to any act or regulation, including the Electrical Safety Code;
  • Will not adversely affect the structural integrity of the condo property; and
  • Will not pose a serious risk to the health and safety of an individual or damage any of the property or assets of the corporation.

The amendments also permit a condo board to install EV chargers without obtaining certain requirements under the Condominium Act where:

  • The estimated total cost of the installation is 10% or less of the annual budget for common expenses; and
  • Owners will not experience a significant reduction in the use or enjoyment of their units, the common areas or assets of the condo corporation.

Once these requirements are met, the condo corporation must provide owners with notice of the installation. The owners then have 60 days within which to vote on the proposed installation. The condo board will be exempt from the notice requirements under the Condominium Act where:

  • Less than 15% of the unit owners request a meeting;
  • A meeting is requested, but quorum is not present at the first meeting; or
  • A meeting is held with quorum present and the owners do not vote against the proposed installation.

The Government of Ontario announced the changes as part of its initiative to increase adoption of EVs in the province to reduce GHG emissions under the Climate Change Action Plan.

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