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Measurement Canada to Regulate Thermal Energy Meters

Thermal energy meters are used to measure, and potentially charge customers for, energy used for heating and cooling applications in multi-residential and other buildings. To accomplish this, thermal energy meters measure the quantity of thermal energy transferred to or from a heat conveying liquid.

Measurement Canada requires that (with some exceptions) measurement devices used in trade in Canada must be approved types (meet prescribed specifications) and must be certified when installed (and periodically thereafter). Until recently, there have not been any specific requirements for thermal energy meters within the Weights and Measures Act. However, as of July 1, 2019, all newly-installed thermal energy meters will have to be approved by Measurement Canada (terms and conditions are found here). The new requirements are explained in Measurement Canada’s bulletin titled Implementation of thermal energy meter requirements. Measurement Canada will publish a list of approved thermal energy meter types in its notice of approval database. Currently installed thermal energy meters will be exempt from the approval requirement until July 2026.

It appears, however, that it may take some time before Measurement Canada’s approval and certification requirements for new thermal energy meters are actually effective. While the rule is that only approved meters can be installed for use in trade as of July 1, 2019, that will not be enforceable if no meters have been approved by that time. Measurement Canada has indicated that an exception will be available (upon written request) in the circumstance where there is no thermal energy meter approved for the particular purpose contemplated by the trader. Therefore, until such time as appropriate thermal energy meters are approved by Measurement Canada, traders will be exempt from the requirement to only install approved meters.

There is also a requirement that each such meter be inspected and certified before being placed in service. However, Measurement Canada advises that it will likely not be able to provide examination services until January 1, 2021. Instead, Measurement Canada indicates that traders should contact Measurement Canada who will “determine an appropriate solution.”