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Saskatchewan Court of Appeal Affirms Federal Carbon Pricing Act is Constitutional By Emily Chittick May 24, 2019 Saskatchewan’s highest court has ruled that the federal carbon pricing legislation is constitutional. On May 3, 2019, the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal released its decision on the reference with a split 3-2 outcome stating that climate change is a vital national issue and the...
Ontario Announces “Made-in-Ontario” Emissions Standards Feb 22, 2019 The Ontario government announced new emission reduction standards as part of its plan to address climate change without imposing a carbon tax. The province developed the Emissions Performance Standards as an alternative to the federal Output-Based Pricing System.
Ontario Government Files Arguments in Federal Carbon Pricing Challenge Dec 07, 2018 The Ontario government recently filed a factum setting out its argument against the federal government’s carbon pricing legislation as unconstitutional. The factum expands on the arguments outlined in the statement of particulars previously filed by the Attorney General of Ontario.
Saskatchewan Challenges Ottawa’s Proposed Carbon Tax By David Stevens Apr 26, 2018 On April 25, 2018, the Saskatchewan government announced that it has commenced a “reference case” to the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, asking for a determination about whether the federal carbon levy will be "unconstitutional, in whole or in part." This is part of the effort of the Saskatchewan g...
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