LAS Portal

Aird & Berlis is pleased to serve as the Closed Meeting Investigator to Local Authority Services (“LAS”) and its member municipalities.

Aird & Berlis was selected by LAS through a competitive procurement process. The formal contract for services commenced on January 1, 2020 and was implemented through a delegation of authority for closed meeting investigation and related services by LAS.

Aird & Berlis serves as Closed Meeting Investigator to many municipalities across Ontario by independent appointment. The firm also been appointed to other accountability officer roles, including Integrity Commissioner and Municipal Ombudsman. Together with LAS, Aird & Berlis deploys its leading municipal expertise and extensive accountability experience to municipalities across Ontario.

The provision of Closed Meeting Investigator services through LAS supports municipal accountability and transparency and allows for independent, impartial and credible investigations and reports. Participating municipalities benefit from experienced, knowledgeable and qualified investigators; access to all completed reports; the availability of ongoing education and information; and streamlined and centralized service through Aird & Berlis.