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Oct 26, 2017

NEB Publishes Interactive Pipeline Incidents Tool

By David Stevens

Recently, the National Energy Board (NEB) published an interactive online tool that helps users access and review a wide range of information about pipeline incidents at NEB-regulated pipelines and facilities. This tool allows interested parties to find, compare, sort and review data about “reportable incidents” over the past 10 years (since January 2008) in a user-friendly and visually interesting application. Users are able to select and layer in the information they wish to review from a wide range of categories. This is then organized and presented in an accessible manner. An example of the information provided is set out below:

NEB Interactive Online Tool 2

As set out on the NEB website, the NEB-Regulated Pipeline and Facilities interactive online tool is part of an ongoing “Data Visualization Initiative” that is intended “to transform how the NEB structures and shares data.” The objective is “to enable evidence-based decision making and remove barriers to understanding Canada’s energy and pipeline systems through the use of user-friendly interactive visualizations.” This endeavor seems to neatly fit with the Federal Government’s commitment to “modernize” the NEB (as discussed in an earlier post).

The NEB promises that further data visualization tools will be created and posted to share energy data, energy infrastructure information and “a host of other topical data.” 

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