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Success in First Nations law demands a mastery of this specialized legal and regulatory environment, a thorough understanding of the cultural and historical context informing each client's circumstances, and sensitivity to political and multi-jurisdictional concerns. The Aird & Berlis First Nations Team is consistently able to exceed these requirements by delivering strategic, practical advice and workable solutions.

Our First Nations Team provides a full range of legal services in this growing field, ranging from the enforcement of traditional Indigenous Peoples' rights to the preparation of modern legislation and agreements. We have expertise in providing advice to our clients in connection with:

  • Consultation/Project Development
  • Environmental law
  • Energy projects
  • Election and membership issues
  • Funding arrangements and bilateral and multilateral agreements
  • Economic development initiatives
  • Business organizations and structures
  • Taxation
  • Natural resources
  • Policing and law enforcement
  • Constitutional law
  • Land claims and land usage
  • Recognition and enforcement of treaty rights
  • Water and wastewater contracting
  • Drafting and negotiating tender documents
  • Litigation with the Crown

We advise many business clients who interact with First Nations, particularly in the areas of energy, natural resource and infrastructure development, in the context of mandatory consultations with First Nations.

We have successfully designed and conducted many consultations with First Nations, and have negotiated land use, environmental, project participation and co-operation agreements for our clients.

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