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Mar 27, 2018: 09:00 - 10:00

Harassment in the Workplace: Players, Policy and Prevention

N. Jane Pepino, Lorenzo Lisi, Meghan A. Cowan and Paige Backman

Harassment in the workplace can have a devastating effect on individual employees, as well as on the organization as a whole. Since coming into force on September 8, 2016, the Sexual Violence and Harassment Action Plan Act has broadened the definition of workplace harassment and has given greater power to inspectors with respect to investigations.

Join our panel of experts for a complimentary webinar as they discuss how this Act has contributed to safe and healthy workplaces, as well as lessons learned from the first year of implementation. Our experts will outline the steps employers should take to ensure a harassment-free working environment and provide practical tips on what employers need to do should allegations of workplace harassment arise.

Topics include:

  • An overview of the Sexual Violence and Harassment Action Plan Act
  • Lessons learned since implementation
  • How to prevent harassment in the workplace
  • Employer and employee responsibilities
    • What can employers do to ensure their employees feel safe in their work environment?
    • What can employees do to intervene when witnessing or experiencing harassment?
  •  What are the steps involved in investigations?

Participants are encouraged to submit questions and comments in advance of the webinar for the panel to address in the course of the discussions. This can be done during the registration process and by clicking on the "Register" button above.

CPD for Lawyers: 1 EDI Professionalism Hour
CPD for HRPA and CHRP Members: 1 Hour

A link to the archived material and CPD information will be emailed to registrants one week following the webinar. Please note that we do not provide CPD certificates as hours are self-reported.


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Harpreet Brar

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